Welcome to Vision Academy Learning Trust

Vision Academy Learning Trust are delighted to welcome HUNTCLIFF SCHOOL and SALTBURN PRIMARY SCHOOL

The schools were accepted as part of the Vision Academy Learning Trust, on 1st January 2021,
led by Egglescliffe School located in Stockton.

Vision Academy Learning Trust is very keen to work with parents and carers. Education is about developing the whole person and ensuring that every aspect of a child’s schooling provides them with challenge, affirmation and opportunities to celebrate. It is about shaping the futures and fulfilling the dreams of our young people; and I hope that you will support both the Trust and the schools as we work together.


Vision Academy Learning Trust was founded in May 2016

Our multi-academy Trust promotes an inclusive ethos, in which diversity of need and ability is acknowledged and nurtured. Every aspect of academy life is guided by a strong ethical code, deep accountability, encouraging social awareness to help students understand and meet with confidence the challenges of a diverse and changing society and the world of work.

All academies in our Trust are committed to:

To value each member of the Vision MAT community by trusting, supporting and treating each other with dignity and respect.
The Vision Academy Learning Trusts ethos and values will ensure that children are safe, healthy, positively contribute to their whole community, and achieve economic and academic well-being in adult life.  Importantly, all students must enjoy attending school and be deeply engaged in their learning.
Achieve excellence for all to students so that they make good progress and are able to make informed choices, solve problems and make good decisions.
To ensure that all students succeed and thrive in school by raising aspirations and tackling disadvantage.
Learning is central that will be stretching, rewarding and engaging. All students will be given the opportunity to grow personally, academically and socially.
Ensure positive relationships with our local community and employers to support the opportunities for preparing our students for life beyond the Trust.
Continue to work together for the collective good of the Trust in the context of what is best for all.


Vision Academy Learning Trust is a family of five primary schools,
two secondary school, and a secondary school with a sixth form college.

Chandlers Ridge Academy

Laurence Jackson School

Egglescliffe School

Saltburn Primary School

Huntcliff School

The Links Primary School

Junction Farm

Whinstone Primary School


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