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Become a Vision Academy Learning Trust School

Become a Vision Academy Learning Trust School

Saltburn Learning Campus
Chandlers Ridge Academy
Egglescliffe School
The Links Primary School
Junction Farm Primary
Whinstone Primary School

Become a Vision Academy Learning Trust School:

If you share our vision, join our Trust to benefit from receiving first-class operational and strategic support on your journey to educational excellence and become part of a thriving community that understands the power of collaboration and the value of sharing expertise.

Our commitment to educational excellence, operational excellence and cultivating a strong VALT community contributes to a self-improving school system and, whether you are an outstanding school looking to lead by example and drive forward best practice, or a school that is searching for a reputable sponsor to help secure improvement, our goal is to work together to transform the lives of young people.

Advantages of Becoming a Vision Academy Learning Trust School:

We work together to deliver positive outcomes for young people through our commitment to high expectations; a strong knowledge-based academic curriculum; quality teaching, rigorous tracking, and personalised intervention; highly qualified staff that are motivated, well trained, wide extracurricular provision and student leadership programmes.

A skilled Central Team that works alongside schools to deliver educational excellence, operational excellence, and a strong school community:

Our friendly and approachable Central Team is dedicated to securing the long-term health of your school by providing direct success to insightful advice and informative guidance on all aspects of school development – including Finance, HR, IT, Estates, Governance and Legal. With a team of experts who pride themselves on their up-to-date knowledge of legislation and Government policy and procedure, VALT Central aims to be a one-stop shop for all your school’s needs.

High quality school improvement support:

From the moment you join us, your school will benefit from access to outstanding leaders and practitioners. Our team of subject directors will work with you to build leadership and teaching capacity and co-develop the school curriculum to ensure all pupils fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

A collaborative approach to policy and systems development:

We work together to agree a group-wide systems, corporate policies, and standard operating procedures. Our collective approach ensures that everyone plays an instrumental role in shaping the infrastructure that will secure the future of our schools.

An investment in staff well-being and continuous development:

At VALT, we recognise the value of our staff. We are committed to capitalising on the strengths of our staff, supporting their career development and ensuring a work-life balance. We have a Trust Well-Being Charter. VALT also offers a range of CPD opportunities for both teaching and non-teaching staff. We have a culture of “growing our own” and high potential individuals for leadership and management as part of the VALT.

A strong and vibrant VALT community:

We act as one organisation where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. VALT offers Trust wide opportunities for leadership, subject, professional learning and governance networks across and between schools, phases, subject areas, or specialisms that enable staff from across the VALT family to work together, develop excellence and share best practice. We create opportunities for pupils and staff from across our academies / schools to work together through cultural enhancement programmes, competitions, leadership and sports events that help build character, nurture confidence and independence and guarantee memorable shared experiences for our young people, staff, and school communities.