Inspiring excellence - in learning and life

Our Mission, Aims & Values

Our Mission, Aims & Values

We aspire to create outstanding organisations that promote educational excellence, character development and service to communities.

About Vision Academy Learning Trust

The VISION Academy Learning Trust is a group of secondary and primary schools with a common aim to inspire the imaginations of our students and to support them to develop in ways which stand them in good stead for their future lives and responsibilities as individuals, employees and citizens.

We seek to help each student to achieve the greatest all-round development and success of which he or she is capable and to promote his or her academic, personal, social, moral and spiritual development.

Our schools and academies will support all students to develop responsibility for their learning, ensuring that they continue to be challenged and stimulated by their learning throughout their time at the school.

The name VISION models our strong common ethos as a strong MAT whilst retaining our individual identity as a learning school.

Our Vision

The VISION Academy Learning Trust promotes an inclusive ethos, in which diversity of need and ability is acknowledged and nurtured.

Every aspect of academy life is guided by a strong ethical code, deep accountability, encouraging social awareness to help students understand and meet with confidence the challenges of a diverse and changing society and the world of work.

We aim for our parents, students and schools / academies to work closely together to ensure that every student is expected to achieve highly.


  • To value each member of the VISION ALT MAT community by trusting, supporting and treating each other with dignity and respect.
  • The VISION Academy Learning Trusts ethos and values will ensure that children are safe, healthy, positively contribute to their whole community, and achieve economic and academic well-being in adult life. Importantly, all students must enjoy attending school and be deeply engaged in their learning.
  • Achieve excellence for all students so that they make good progress, and they are able to make informed choices, solve problems and make good decisions.
  • To ensure that all students succeed and thrive in school by raising aspirations and tackling disadvantage.
  • Learning is central and will be stretching, rewarding and engaging. All students will be given the opportunity to grow personally, academically and socially.
  • Ensure positive relationships with our local community and employers to support the opportunities for preparing our students for life beyond the Trust.
  • Continue to work together for the collective good of the Trust in the context of what is best for all.


  • Service – Being a responsible citizen in our community.
  • Teamwork – Working together for excellence.
  • Ambition – aspiring to be our best.
  • Respect – Treating others as we wish to be treated.


All our work is structured under three overarching priorities:
  • Educational excellence.
  • Operational excellence.
  • We want to create inclusive organisations that promote educational excellence, character development and service to communities.


  • Our curriculum and crucial knowledge references world experiences to support aspiration and progression to the next stage.
  • We promote opportunities for our pupils to be adaptable, flexible and work as a team.
  • Our strong CEIAG curriculum and offer supports employment awareness, choice, and aspiration.
  • Our co-curriculum offer encourages pupils to accept personal challenge and be refective. ​

Respect & Responsibility

  • We offer a caring and respectful environment for all.
  • Our positive ethos emphasises kindness and respect for all.
  • We have high expectations of behaviour.
  • Opportunities to practice good decision making are part of school routine. ​
  • A wider range of leadership opportunities are available. ​

Academic Scholarship

  • We have high expectation about how our students engage with their learning by trying their best, asking questions and revisiting prior learning.
  • We have a strong focus on academic success for all our children.
  • We promote a love of reading.
  • Our curriculum is focused on crucial knowledge so children can succeed. ​
  • A core component of our offer is a high quality social, moral and spiritual curriculum. ​

Wellbeing & Resilience

  • We offer a supportive and positive mental and physical health programme.
  • Our supportive and positive ethos encourages pupils to hold positive views of themselves and others and provides targeted support for those who end this difficult to do.
  • We provide opportunities for our pupils to develop reflective practice, resilience and to practice mindfulness.
  • We actively engage with wider agencies including counselling, mental health programmes and other appropriate external providers so that we are an active part of a team around a child.
  • We support our children to become good communicators who can articulate their emotions and understand the impact their emotions can have on learning and engagement in school.​


  • Our school is an important part of our local community.
  • We actively engage with a wide range of community events that celebrate our talented and committed pupils and staff.
  • Our school promotes local, regional, national and international charity events.

Safety for All

  • A strong safeguarding and vigilant culture is at the core of every school so that we keep our pupils safe.
  • A robust curriculum and pastoral structure ensures that pupils feel safe and secure.
  • Crucial knowledge for on-line and digital safety is scaffolded from ages 4 to 18.
  • We have a zero tolerance to bullying and unacceptable behaviour.
  • Robust Health and Safety Polices and processes are in place all our schools.


  • Every school offers a wide enrichment programme to develop the skills and talents of our children.
  • Opportunities are inclusive so all pupils can engage with our wider offer and can create positive memories of wider experiences.
  • A reward system recognises pupils for their engagement, representing the school, being an ambassador, producing quality work, trying their best and being a positive role model.

Personal Development

  • A strong focus on equality and diversity is a central part of the school ethos and promoting British Values and positive citizenship is also integrated into our personal development offer.
  • The academic and pastoral curriculum supports positive identity, personal growth, and self-awareness, of self and others.
  • A robust Relationships and Sex Education programme ensures our pupils make well informed decisions.