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Quality and Standards

Quality and Standards

Our school improvement framework and central improvement team apply a wide range of quality assurance systems to secure a quality curriculum and achievement of every individual pupil.  We work jointly with the Head Teacher and Local Governing Committee of each academy/school to:

  • Establish strong governance and excellent leadership and management to ensure clarity of purpose and a shared vision
  • Secure high standards of achievement
  • Develop a curriculum that is fit for purpose and delivers the best possible outcomes for your people
  • Establish and operate a clear framework for accountability
  • Develop school improvement systems to deliver outstanding outcomes
  • Embed data at the heart of everything the school does, with timely and focused intervention for learners
  • Ensure that there is zero tolerance for poor attendance, punctuality and behaviour and that pupil well-being is actively promoted
  • Continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning through professional development, performance management and quality assurance
  • We are focused on providing active challenge, support, and direction to all our academies / schools. We look to ensure that targets are met, and standards raised, taking the appropriate action in a timely and discreet manner where necessary

This involves:

  • Where necessary, deploy our VALT Central Improvement Team to provide expert advice and support, tailored to the needs of each academy / school.
  • Providing high quality back-office services so that schools can focus on pupils’ progress and enrichment and on learning and achievement
  • Oversee quality assurance programme
  • Providing peer support for each Head Teacher and their staff – including bespoke professional development and half-termly meetings of Head Teachers
  • Benefiting from the many and varied consultants and partnerships brokered by VALT
  • Managing a network of professional links across the Trust’s schools and beyond to ensure the identification, celebration, and transfer of best practice, and to develop the systematic leadership of improvement