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Trust Policies

Trust Policies

Whole Trust Policies

File Last Modified Download
Whistle Blowing Policy 22/11/2023 Download File
Health and Safety Policy 22/11/2023 Download File
Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy 06/09/2023 Download File
VALT-002 Online Safety Policy 06/09/2023 Download File
VALT-008 Risk Assessment Policy 22/11/2023 Download File
VALT-005 Complaints and Concerns Policy 19/09/2023 Download File
VALT-003 Equality Statement and Single Equality Scheme Policy 24/06/2021 Download File


File Last Modified Download
FIN-VALT-005 Reserves & Investments Policy 02/11/2022 Download File
FIN-VALT- Treasury Management Policy 02/11/2022 Download File
FIN-VALT-009 Tendering & Procurement Policy 02/11/2022 Download File
FIN-VALT-007 Gifts, Hospitality & Anti Bribery Policy 08/03/2022 Download File
FIN-VALT-006 Assets & Disposal Policy 02/11/2022 Download File
FIN-VALT-003 Charging & Remissions 02/11/2022 Download File
FIN-VALT-002 Antifraud & Bribery 02/11/2022 Download File
FIN-VALT-001 Finance Policy 31/01/2023 Download File
AS-FIN-P-001 Dinner Money Debt Procedure 21/09/2022 Download File